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Dig This Trend: Contemporary Bathtubs

Madison Slinker |Zillow Blog | February 18, 2013 | link

From quirky-shaped soakers to an extravagant golden hammock, these contemporary bathtubs are the latest bath indulgence. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites — and a few of the most luxurious —  from Zillow Digs.

Zen oasis

Contemporary Bathtub 1

With its smooth river rock border and cool stream faucet, this soaking tub is designed for just one.

Window seat

Contemporary Bathtub 2

Watch the sunset move across the water while soaking in this window-side bathtub.

Center stage

Contemporary Bathtub 3

In this contemporary master bathroom, a soft shag rug and grand jet tub tempt bathers to sit back and relax.

Quirky geometric

Contemporary Bathtub 4

Ultramodern lines give this contemporary bathtub a custom feel.

Stairway to bathing

Contemporary Bathtub 5

One of the best features in this whimsical children’s bathroom is the petite stepping ladder perfect for little feet.

Fresh and natural

Contemporary Bathtub 6

Minimally finished woods and three large window panes set the tone for a simplified bath time approach.

Skyline view

Contemporary Bathtub 7

Designed to offer the quintessential spa experience, this bathtub offers stunning views of downtown Manhattan and all three bridges.

Ready, set, glow

Contemporary Bathtub 9

No need to bathe by candle light with a tub that glows on its own. An in-set LEDs creates for a funky bathing experience.

Melt into the floor

Contemporary Bathtub 10

Bold enough to bathe outside? This all-glass bath is enclosed, but the green surroundings makes it feel as if its set deep in a forest.

Tropical teak

Contemporary Bathtub 11

Encased in teak, this exotic tub is discreetly partitioned off from the main bathroom area creating an intimate bathing space.

Ultimate luxury

Contemporary Bathtub 11

What’s romantic, reminiscent of sculpture and shimmers-all-over? A lavish golden hammock tub that seems to float in mid-air.


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