Cutest Kids Rooms!

Dig This Trend: Whimsical Kids’ Rooms

 Madison Slinker | Zillow Blog | March 14, 2013 | link

Spring is just around the corner, and Hollywood baby bumps are in full bloom. With A-list stars such as Fergie, Kim Kardashian and even Princess Kate Middleton beginning to show, we’ve rounded up a few of the most eye-catching and kid-worthy bedrooms from Zillow Digs.

Clowning around

Kid's Bedroom 1
This quirky Ferris wheel lends a sense of playful exuberance while tin buckets double as storage for toys.

Sweet as peaches

Kid's Bedroom 2
Soothing peach and sage tones evoke a peaceful, innocent mood in this nursery by Beckwith Interiors.

Natural elements

Kid's Bedroom 3
With built-in shelving units, this Upper East Side room was designed by Evelyn Benatar with storage in mind. Upholstered headboards and corkboard walls create a warm, comfortable space.

A little privacy

Kid's Bedroom 4
These retractable curtains give each bunk occupant a little privacy when pillow talk is over.

Indoor fort

Kid's Bedroom 5
Leave your surfboard at the door! This tree-house-turned-loft bed is the perfect play space for rambunctious little boys.

Room to grow

Kid's Bedroom 4
In a New York City home, this little girl’s bedroom is an ode to times not so long ago.

“We carried the theme of flowers and ’70s cool throughout the room,” designer Evalyn Benatar explained. “The night stand, tufted upholstered chair and dresser are distressed to bring yin and yang to the space.”


Kid's Bedroom 7
Brave enough to go all out? This baseball-themed kid’s bedroom is bold, but thoughtfully placed details keep it from feeling overwhelming.

Space in mind

Kid's Bedroom 9
Keeping a room’s unique details in mind is key to any successful design.

“A shower from the bathroom on the neighboring wall resulted in a design challenge,” designer Angela Sarmiento said about this modern bedroom. “We designed the bunk bed to include a bookcase so that the wall would have the correct depth.”

Urban condo

Kid's Bedroom 10
Twin chandeliers are a highly sophisticated, feminine note in a city apartment. Satin curtains frame a skyline view just beyond the window.


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