Sellers take note!

Home Prices In Los Gatos Expected To Rise This Year

Real estate website forecasts price increases for 2013 in all but one Bay Area zip code

Jennifer Squires |  February 21, 2013 | link


Home prices in Los Gatos will rise more than 6  percent, according to a study done by an online real estate site.

The site,, predicts home prices in 244 of the 245 zip codes in the Bay Area will rise in 2013. The only exception will be the 94515 area in Calistoga, according to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The story says the biggest reason for the projected price increase is a lack of homes for sale on the market.

With the increase, prices are at or very close to peak prices of a few years ago.

Here is the individual zip code data for the Los Gatos area.

Zip Code Dec. 2012 median Dec. 2013 projection Increase % decrease from peak price
95032 $1,144,400 $1,215,620.883 6.2% 0 percent
95030 $1,747,600 $1,855,890.307 6.2% -0.2 percent

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