When green isn’t good enough…

Valley tech campuses go a ‘darker green’

Nathan Donato-Weinstein | Silicon Valley Business Journal | March 14, 2013 | link

Google's NBBJ-designed Bay View campus is one of the green-friendly campus projects under development in the Valley. </p>


Google’s NBBJ-designed Bay View campus is one of the green-friendly campus projects under development in the Valley.

Big media outlets are all over the tech-campus building boom story lately. Today, BloombergBusinessweek drills down into the green cred of plans by Apple, Facebook and Google.

The takeaway, according to the story? “[T]hey all share an eco-consciousness that could become the most distinctive feature of this new West Coast aesthetic.”

It’s a nice rundown of the different strategies each company is using to achieve “a darker green,” as DPR Construction’s Doug Woods says in the story.

A lot of the green features we’d heard and reported on before (Facebook’s forest roof, anyone?), but there’s value in comparing them in a single take. One tidbit I hadn’t heard before involves construction methods:

“All three projects [Apple’s spaceship, Google’s Bay View campus and Facebook’s West Campus] will use some prefabricated construction, with parts of buildings—possibly entire bathrooms or banks of fully furnished offices complete with carpets and curtains—assembled at factories and trucked to the site, say sources familiar with the companies’ plans,” BBW’s Peter Burrows writes.

(If you know where said projects are being pre-assembled, feel free to drop me a line.)

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal’s Ian Sherr interviews Hao Ko, the Gensler architect working on the Nvidia campus, and it’s definitely worth a click. Read that story here, then don’t forget to check out our interview with him here.

Side thought: Most of these articles (including ones we’ve written), start off with the notion of the Valley’s built environment being woefully bad (the term “wasteland” may be thrown around) but poised for a major inflection point as these projects get built.


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