Vacation rentals never looked so fancy…

Luxury Summer Rentals: Is $1 Million the New Normal?

Catherine Sherman | Zillow Blog | June 20, 2013 | link

In the world of short-term rentals, it’s all about Memorial Day to Labor Day. Homes in popular vacation spots from Malibu to The Hamptons are emerging with rental prices from $100,000 to more than $1 million total for the summer.

While many associate these numbers with buying a home — not renting one for three months — these listings typically attract renters soon after they hit the market. For those who can afford it, they offer the chance to live in the lap of luxury — without having to think about a mortgage or resale value.

Here’s a look at a few high-end summer rentals currently on the market. Some are offered for a flat fee; others have a monthly rate for the 3-month peak vacation season. (You might have some negotiating power with Memorial Day behind us, but don’t expect to rent one of these pricey pads for less than six figures.)

Beverly Hills: $1.8 million ($600,000/mo.)

Beverly Hills, CA
Perched above the Beverly Hills Hotel at 1011 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, the Beverly House was a for-sale listing asking $115 million before becoming a rental. Whether you’re in the market for a summer home or a year-long lease, the price remains $600,000 per month.

While its ornate architecture and furnishings are notable, the home is most-known for its celebrity history — from publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, who was given the home by actress Marion Davies in 1946, to John and Jacqueline Kennedy, who spent time there during their honeymoon. The 3.7-acre compound has also served as a set for “The Godfather” and “The Bodyguard.” Read more…


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