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Real Estate to Geek Out Over

Erika Riggs | Zillow Blog | July 15, 2013 | link

Geek is no longer a negative, four-letter label. Comic-Con International in San Diego now tops more than 130,000 attendees; computer geeks snatch coveted jobs at the coolest of companies; and with TV channels and websites dedicated to all things geek, the nickname is now a token of cool.

Whether you’re a Harry Potter expert, can understand Chewbacca’s Wookie language or can debate the nuances of Superman comics, we have something new to geek out over: real estate. These homes have extensive collections, out-there additions and more.

For the ‘Star Wars’ Geek

1332 Queens Way, Carmel, IN

star wars 2

You’ve reached ultimate “Star Wars” geek status when your collection has been lent out to the father of “Star Wars” — George Lucas. This Indiana home includes a top-to-bottom themed bar, complete with full-size figurines and a mural so lifelike it would confuse Obi-Wan.

For the Superman Geek

404 West St, Harrison, NY

404 West St Harrison NY

The Fortress of Solitude has been thought to be located in Arctic or floating in outer space, and in one comic, Superman’s hidden home was in the rain forest. But the true Fortress is located just 30 minutes from Manhattan, designed by a woman who, according to the Wall Street Journal, based its design off her favorite superhero’s lair.

For the Batman Geek

510 Woodland Ave, Hinsdale, IL


Holy pool, Batman! Usually the Bat signal is spotted in a dark sky over Gotham City, but in this Illinois home, the symbol is found underwater on the bottom of the pool. The story goes that the homeowners’ son loved Batman, and as a surprise for him, they painted the Bat symbol at the bottom of the pool.

For the Computer Geek

300 Santa Rosa Dr, Los Gatos, CA

Steve Wozniak's former home

Steve Jobs was the big name behind Apple, but in the very beginning, it was a different Steve — Steve Wozniak — who designed the original Apple 1, the first computer the company began to sell in the 1970s. In addition to designing one of the most iconic personal computers, Wozniak designed a modern home in Los Gatos, CA. Looking for a place to start your own tech revolution? This may be the location.

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