Interior design catches Royal Baby Fever

Nurseries Fit for the Royal Baby

Erika Riggs | Zillow Blog | July 23, 2013 | link

From the moment she wed Prince William, Kate Middleton was thrust into the global spotlight, with media breathlessly covering what she wears, what she’s buying and what she eats.

Now that the royal couple have a new royal baby  — the newest thing to watch will likely be what the baby wears, how the baby is cared for, and of course, what the royal nursery will look like.

The royal couple will be living in Kensington Palace, a home that is utterly traditional. Built in 1689, the palace has been the preferred residence for members of the royal family, including Princess Diana. However, it’s been widely noted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a bit more modern than their predecessors, and the royal nursery may be more 21st century than 19th century.

Just as the royal name has yet to be revealed, there’s no coverage of the royal nursery — yet. We found a few ideas on Zillow Digs of what Prince George’s room could look like.

Traditional space


This is about as traditional of a nursery space as could be expected for the new royal family of three. The daybed provides a great space for Kate to rest, while the color palette is mature enough for a potential future king. The draperies, rocking horse and gallery wall provide just the right touch of whimsy.

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