Making an entrance…

Welcoming Front Doors

Artistic entryways made of wood, glass and metal.

Molly Hensley-Clancy | Wall Street Journal | July 25, 2013 | link

Your guest’s first impression starts at the front door. To make a statement, many high-end homeowners seek custom designs that use wood, metal, glass and other materials in creative ways to reflect the home’s luxurious interiors.

In recent years, entry doors have gotten wider and sleeker, with clean lines and artful lighting. Here are some examples of custom designs:

All Aglow

Paul BardagjyLighting contrasts with the home’s stone walls.

Backlit onyx panels are featured in this pivot door, which means that it is mounted at the center of the door frame instead of hinged on one side. Designed by Austin, Texas-based Dick Clark Architecture and builder Gary McFarland, the lighting contrasts with the home’s stone walls and has a handle that is recessed into the door. ‘It keeps the onyx the focal point,’ Mr. Clark said.

Cost: about $25,000



Sans SoucieGlass door called ‘Branching Out’

Taking Root

Sans Soucie’s glass doors are hand-etched and sandblasted to give the designs a deep, textured look. This colored glass door, called ‘Branching Out,’ was custom-designed by the Palm Desert, Calif., company to blend natural elements with a sleek, modern look.

Cost: about $7,000

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