What’s Hot and What’s Not In Luxury Amenities

Mallory Farrugia | Curbed | Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | link

Trulia has released new analysis of what’s trending up and down in luxury real estate amenities, shedding light on what affluent buyers really care about when purchasing a new home, with surprising results.

Of the 20 amenities that have gained the most traction in the last year, marble baths, roof decks, and oversized windows are currently the most desirable amenities in luxury properties. Windows and views (floor-to-ceiling windows, panoramic views, etc) occupied a whopping five other spots on the top-20 list, suggesting that luxury buyers are more interested in what’s outside the property than what’s inside.

The list of the 20 amenities on the steepest decline suggests the same. Kitchen and cooking amenities occupy seven spots on the list, with BBQs being the amenity that buyers care least about. Other indoor amenities like hardwood (surprisingly!), fireplaces, surround sound, and a large master suite are also trending down.

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